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Cottage Manor
(38 sq. ft. per ton )
20% seamface 40% splitface 40% bedface
Castle Ridge
Cambridge Blend
Veneer Blends
We take pride in our wide selection of quality veneer products. Most blends can be modified to suit your personal taste.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
(37 sq. ft. per ton)
Full color range of splitface bedface 6", 8", 10", 12" heights
(38 sq. ft. per ton)
Oakfield & Fond Du Lac splitface, 25% bedface
Rustic Rubble
(37 sq. ft. per ton)
30% splitface, 40% webwall, 30% irregular splitface
Oakfield Standard
Prairie Ledge Webwall
‚Äč(35-37 sq. ft. per ton)
Quarry run weatheredge, and seamface. Brown, gold, tan, rust.20% weatheredge
(40 sq. ft. per ton)
Irregular shapes. Tan, yellow, brown
Most veneer blends available in thin veneer
Rockwood Blend
(40 sq. ft. per ton)
50% splitface, 50% bedface
Rustic Antique
(35-37 sq. ft. per ton)
Seamface veneer in bright colors of yellow, brown, gold, rust.10% weatheredge
(40 sq. ft. per ton)
Splitface gray, white, buff

Niagara Ledge
(40 sq. ft. per ton)
Sawn beds, multiple heights natural bedface and splitface
Alpine Blend
Autumn Gold
( 40 sq. ft. per ton)
80% splitface, 20% colored seamface
(40 sq. ft. per ton)
Sawn beds, multiple heights.2 1/4-13 1/4. Heavily textured. Yellow, tan, gold, brown
Honey Brooke
(45 sq. ft. per ton)
Sandstone splitface with 25% bedface
Tan, brown, rust, cream, some striping
(40 sq. ft. per ton)
Irregular shapes with natural bed exposed