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Architectural Resources

Seamless Natural Stone Images...

Made in-house by Oakfield Stone Company for accurate digital representation
10+ grout color variations per stone blend


Seamless Texture Images


Deciding how you would like your residential or commercial project's exterior/interior to look can be challenging with so many different options available.  Oakfield Stone's aim is to make these decisions easier and improve the overall design process. These seamless natural stone images use past project samples to bring your design life without hard horizontal or vertical seams. Simply log in, download, and upload the natural stone veneer texture image of your choice into your 2D or 3D design software. 

Displacement, Bump, & Normal Maps

The main challenge of displaying natural material in digital software is the loss of the natural characteristics that make it beautiful in the first place. Our seamless stone veneer images are a great starting point, but if that isn't enough, add the use of displacement, bump, and normal maps to make the stone come to life. Each map adds more detail to your 3D model or rendering by reacting with light and properly casting shadows, and adding physical depth. We've created these maps to what we believe best represents our natural stone building products. Although not perfect, we hope this saves you valuable time in your workflow and improves the overall quality of your design.

Natural Stone Seamless Texture Maps

Building Information Modeling Content

BIM Oakfield Stone Company.jpg

Building Information Modeling (BIM) content for many of our building stone veneer products are ready for immediate download and import into you 3D design. We've partnered with BIMOBJECT™ to create accurate, dependable content families for your digital twin material library. 

Architectural Binder Content


Our building stone veneers put together with product information and past project examples to help make your decision on the right stone for the project. Each Individual  building stone's content is available for download and can easily be shared with your customers, or request a full high-resolution architectural binder for your library.

Signed ASTM Lab Reports

lab tests thumbnail.jpg

The Natural Stone Institute carried out ASTM standardized product testing (January 2020) on our stone materials from all quarry locations. You will find a summary and each individual signed test here.

Chilton Cottage Manor Blend - Our most recent natural stone seamless image is now available with corresponding Normal and Height maps to be added in your library. Over the past few years Oakfield Stone Company has developed over 20 natural stone blends into seamless images, and with each one improving quality.


This Chilton stone veneer blend quarried by Oakfield Stone Company is a blend of machine cut splitface, Chilton rustic, and snapped Bedface. View project photos and more info here.


Chilton Stone Gate.jpg

Machine Cut /


Collection of machine cut veneer with physical properties that include natural heights and natural courses

Castle Ridgefdl 4-3.jpg



Collection of bedface veneer stone snapped in rectangular shapes at incremental heights for a rough course, castle appearance. 

Fond du Lac Niagara Ledge.jpg

Dimensional /

Niagara Ledge

Collection of dimensional veneer, sawn to multiple heights. 

Oakfield Stone's FDL_Webwall 4-3.jpg

Mosaic /


Collection of blends with irregular bedface in a mosaic pattern. 

Oakfield Stone's Oakfield Cambridge (FDL SF).1.jpg

Custom Blends

Collection of veneers that incorporate machine cut veneer splitface, bedface (sawn & snapped), and colored seamface

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