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Natural stone edging is a landscaping stone product used to create distinctive borders between different areas of a landscape design. Common areas of natural stone edging include outlining gardens, walkways, patios, flower beds, and driveways. The border edging has a natural 1" height variance. Tumble your natural stone edging to significantly lighten the appearance of the stone to a more "Whiter" look while rounding the edges and face of the stone. Available in Our Fond du Lac stone, Prairie, and Chestnut Sandstone edging. 

Fond du Lac Border Edging

  • Light Gray, Silver, Dark Gray

  • Snapped, natural top and bottom

  • Height: 3.5"-4.5" Random Lengths

  • 100-110 lnft/ton

Fond du Lac Tumbled Border Edging

  • Light Gray, White, Silver

  • Napped, natural top and bottom

  • Height: 3.5"-4.5" Random Lengths

  • 100-110 lnft/ton


Natural stone outcropping is the go-to landscaping product for retaining walls that will stand the test of time



Natural stone edging creates a long lasting low maintainence solution to definitive borders along walkways, patios, driveways, flower beds, and much more.

Cut Drywall /


Natural Cut Drywall, or Wallstone, can be used in a variety of ways within a hardscape design: Retaining Walls, Flower beds, Fire Pits, and Seat walls.



Natural Stone Steps are sourced from our finest material to create level stairways and front entryways. 

Flagstone /


Natural Flagstone and Steppers create beautiful patios and walkways that can not go unnoticed.

Dimensional Flagstone & Pavers

Dimensional Flagstone & Pavers create a modern, aesthetic appeal to the natural landscaping stone.

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