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Prairie Webwall


Prairie Webwall, or Webstone, is made up of irregular natural bedface stone installed in a mosaic pattern. Available in full veneer, and natural thin stone veneer. The color profiles include: gold, tan, and brown and some light blue/gray. View our product data sheet for more information and physical properties.

Prairie Webwall.jpg

View other Webwall Blends:

FDL Webwall

Fond du Lac

Oak Webwall.jpg


Prairie Webwall


Chestnut Webwall.jpg

Chestnut (sandstone)

Chilton Stone Gate.jpg

Machine Cut /


Collection of machine cut veneer with physical properties that include natural heights and natural courses

Castle Ridgefdl 4-3.jpg



Collection of bedface veneer stone snapped in rectangular shapes at incremental heights for a rough course, castle appearance. 

Oakfield Stone's _Fond du Lac Dimensiona

Dimensional /

Niagara Ledge

Collection of dimensional veneer, sawn to multiple heights. 

Oakfield Stone's FDL_Webwall 4-3.jpg

Mosaic /


Collection of blends with irregular bedface in a mosaic pattern. 

Oakfield Stone's Oakfield Cambridge (FDL SF).1.jpg

Custom Blends

Collection of veneers that incorporate machine cut veneer splitface, bedface (sawn & snapped), and colored seamface

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