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For decades, Oakfield Stone Company has provided architects, contractors, and projects owners with the superior building stone Wisconsin has to offer. We continue this tradition by mining natural dolomitic limestone and quartzitic sandstone from multiple locations throughout the state.


Each quarry we operate offers unique textures, color profiles, and physical properties. The dolomitic limestone from our Fond du Lac stone quarry provides level beds, shades of gray and silver, and high compressive strength. Just eight miles away is our Oakfield quarry. Here, you'll find more earthy tones, golds, lighter tans, and beige with equally as impressive strength.


For more colors and textures, we also quarry quartzitic sandstone in Mosinee, and more dolomitic limestone near Beaver Dam.  View product data sheets for ASTM testing - lab results current as of 01/20/20 in the section.


early 70's


Natural stone veneer, or stone cladding, or individual stone masonry units are terms used when describing natural stone as a building material. Specifically, there are two types of building stone veneer that are commonly used today: Thin Veneer, and Full Veneer. Just about every building stone we produce is available in thin veneer. (some size limitations on select products apply)

We've organized our veneer stone into 5 main categories. View each natural stone veneer collection below, and check out each product data sheet for more information. 

Chilton Stone Gate.jpg

Machine Cut /


Collection of machine cut veneer with physical properties that include natural heights and natural courses

Castle Ridgefdl 4-3.jpg



Collection of bedface veneer stone snapped in rectangular shapes at incremental heights for a rough course, castle appearance. 

Fond du Lac Niagara Ledge.jpg

Dimensional /

Niagara Ledge

Collection of dimensional veneer, sawn to multiple heights. 

Oakfield Stone's FDL_Webwall 4-3.jpg

Mosaic /


Collection of blends with irregular bedface in a mosaic pattern. 

Oakfield Stone's Oakfield Cambridge (FDL SF).1.jpg


Collection of veneers that incorporate machine cut veneer splitface, bedface (sawn & snapped), and colored seamface

Chilton 246 Niagara Ledge Drystack 4-3L_edited.jpg

Dimensional /

Collection of dimensional drystack veneer, sawn to 2", 4", 6" heights 

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