Mulberry Blend, A blend of two machine cut veneers: Fond du kac Stonegate and our Oakfield Red Stonegate. This ashlar ledgestone blend is a dolomitic limestone quarried by Oakfield Stone Company in Fond du Lac and Oakfield, Wisconsin. Common characteristics of this natural building veneer include level beds, smooth gray splitface mixed with a maroon colored splitface. Dark reddish, purple tones add contrast to our popular Fond du Lac machine veneer.  Natural height, natural course, random ashlar pattern with Fond du Lac Jumpers available for large heights over six inches. View our product data sheet for more information and physical properties here.

Machine Cut /


Collection of machine cut veneer with physical properties that include natural heights and natural courses



Collection of bedface veneer stone snapped in rectangular shapes at incremental heights for a rough course, castle appearance. 

Dimensional /

Niagara Ledge

Collection of dimensional veneer, sawn to multiple heights. 

Mosaic /


Collection of blends with irregular bedface in a mosaic pattern. 

Custom Blends

Collection of veneers that incorporate machine cut veneer splitface, bedface (sawn & snapped), and colored seamface

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