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Oakfield Stone's Fond du Lac Outcropping


Natural stone outcropping is the go-to landscaping product for retaining walls that will stand the test of time

Oakfield Stone's FDL Border Edging.1.jpg



Natural stone edging creates a long lasting low maintainence solution to definitive borders along walkways, patios, driveways, flower beds, and much more.

Fond du Lac Cut Drywall.jpg

Cut Drywall /


Natural Cut Drywall, or Wallstone, can be used in a variety of ways within a hardscape design: Retaining Walls, Flower beds, Fire Pits, and Seat walls.

FDL Steps.jpg



Natural Stone Steps are sourced from our finest material to create level stairways and front entryways. 

Oakfield Stone's Oakfield Flagstone.JPG

Flagstone /


Natural Flagstone and Steppers create beautiful patios and walkways that can not go unnoticed.

Oakfield Stone's OakDimensionalPavers.2.

Dimensional Flagstone & Pavers

Dimensional Flagstone & Pavers create a modern, aesthetic appeal to the natural landscaping stone.

Natural stone has proven to be the superior choice among hardscape building materials to create long-lasting landscape designs. Oakfield Stone Company has a wide range of landscape products with many different colors and textures to choose from. We do this by sourcing our natural stone from our quarries located throughout Wisconsin. Each location is unique to its appearance

Fond du Lac Outcropping Stone.jpg
Fond du Lac
Oakfield Outcropping.jpg
Prairie Steps.jpg
Chestnut Sandstone.jpg
Chestnut Sandstone
Prairie Blue Wallstone
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